"Seems like only yesterday you were a geeky newbie sporting a terrified smile and the worst "grown-up" hairdo I’d ever seen."

Princess Kori in Red hood and the Outlaws #33

"We’re always moving forward. Always on to the next thing. We have to. It’s what we know. We do what we have to do. We fight. And we survive" - Leonard Snart

"I think being strapped naked to an electric chair, having water thrown over you, and, sort of, wired up to a car battery, covered in tattoos and being electrocuted was a high point." Richard Armitage in ‘The Downfall of Lucas North’


A five year old at the gas station said he liked my “bat woman” tattoo excitedly. His father condescendingly asked how many I had. I told him I had 11. He scoffed and asked how waiting tables all my life sounded and I said, “it’s alright on the weekends, but throughout the week I’m your son’s teacher.” He walked out without another word.

- Patience is a virtue. 
- Not right now it isn’t.